Finance Minister presents Mid Year Budget Review today


As Ghanaians prepare to listen to the Finance Minister later this morning on the Mid Year Budget Review, one major sector that observers are looking out for is how the numerous agricultural initiatives announced in the 2018 budget are faring so far.

According to government, it introduced these projects in the 2018 budget to improve food security and promote sustainable agriculture as well as create jobs, especially for the teeming youth.

By this, it expects its flagship programme, ‘Planting for Food and Jobs ’, to increase production of selected crops for food security and create jobs for the youth.

It specifically pointed out that a total of 500,000 farmers will be registered and 2,700 extension agents recruited to support the programme this year.

Even though some observers say it is too early to assess this project, some have however maintained that the Finance Minister must provide an update on it.

In addition, the Finance Minister promised in the 2018 budget that government will distribute assorted farm equipment including: 200 tractors and matching implements, 1,000 power tillers and walking tractors; as well as continue to  facilitate and promote double cropping by constructing 50 small dams and dugout, making available additional 147hacters  of irrigable land for crop production.

Again some observers are demanding an update on steps taken so far to implement these policies.