Teenager Docked For Defilement


A 16-year-old boy has been arraigned by the police before an Ogba Chief magistrate court, in Lagos, for allegedly defiling a two-year-old girl.

Police prosecutor, Inspector Christopher John, told the court that the boy was charged for defilement for allegedly inserting his finger into  the girl’s private part.

The suspect pleaded with the magistrate that he only wanted to see the colour of the pant the girl was wearing but denied inserting his finger into the girls private.

Neither the suspect nor the victims’ names were disclosed because the prosecutor regarded them as minor.

The suspect said he only lifted her cloth to see the colour of the girls pant but was misrepresented as inserting finger in her private part.

The prosecutor, Inspector Christopher John, told the court that both parties are neighbours at Oremeji Street, Itire, Lagos.

According to the police, the boy had earlier told the police during interrogation at the station that he had heard so much about the female organ and was only curious to know how it is and why men run after women but had no intention of abusing the girl sexually.

He said the girl’s parents were, however, not convinced with the boy’s explanation and insisted that the police charge the case to court.

Inspector John told the court to note that both the defendant and the victim were minors and should apply its discretion on the matter.

The presiding magistrate, Mr Peter Nwaka, ordered that the accused be put in the custody of the Remand Home and directed the prosecutor to send the case file to the Director of Public Prosecution for advice.