Tribute: To Santa 08 and the “home” that made them men


    Ten years ago, they walked out from the gates of the college set on a hill to take on the world; over 400 of them; Santaclausians all; armed, only with top notch knowledge and the spirit of self-help, drawn from the Alma mater of great men, they set out.

    Now fully accomplished, doing exploits and adding to the gains of those who have gilded the school with their name, Santa 08 have walked graciously back home.

    Back home to Adisadel, as good men and true; shaped and shepherded by the saintly Bishop Nicholas, their patron; Nathaniel Temple Hamlyn, their founder can now rest his hopes on them, because they have come back as big men doing big things.

    As doctors, engineers, journalists, pastors, teachers, bankers, videographers, graphic designers, lawyers and entrepreneurs, they have come home; back home to Adisadel, where they were nurtured, groomed and deployed to take on the world.

    As Mr. Laweh, Mr. Olugbumi, Mr. Gawuga et al, they have come to flaunt their wedding rings to Awotwe babies and to pray that before they return yet again, Saddique Iddrisu, Stephen Botwe, James Amissah, Kojo Kwansah Aidoo, Kojo Hutton-Mensah, Ekow Nkoom Aseda, Cedric Abbey, Seth Akomaning, Nana Kwesi Coomson et al, could do same.


    As ‘abnor’ like David Kofi Nyarko, Kwadwo Hutton Mensah, Cyril Agbley, Ernest Essieku, Godfred Kanga Wereko, Ferdinand Agyei, Adabla Worlanyo, Gideon Saka Ampomah etc, they have come.

    “I flow shit de Harry Potter”, “I flow blows de Blackboy Carboo”, you don dey break my heart yoo Halo Tippers, bounds breakers Bone Chambers, ‘aimless’ Black Coders, eye red Floor Defaulters, fearoo Most Terror Militants, book long Stunt Oners, Future ni ooo ooo Future nie de Sarkodie battler and the self-appointed R2Bees reps all come home today; to relive those moments of seeho, interco, super zo, Black Santa Night naadze naadze.

    To Anglionby, Canterbury, Ebiradze, Elliot, Hamlyn, Jubilee, Knight, Le Maire, Quaque and Thomas Jonah, they have come; to once again climb the 83 steps of the Katanga, tread the pavements and beautiful lawns of Leopoldville, even to the fine classrooms to study or capture the ladles to dish out ‘asui’ at West Africa’s biggest dining hall, they have come.


    In black and white, bearded, bald, afro, trimmed, calm, collected, exuberant, they have come; in their numbers from over the hills and far away, to pay homage to “Alice ada”, to say thank you, to inspire and to mentor those who will come after.


    To remember the souls of Musto, Kyei, Mzbel, Jopars and Apam, they have come.

    To “don’t pass through the school, let Adisadel pass through you”, they have come; to give credence to the tutelage of Nigga Gee, Akator, Adator, Jopars, Apam, Fugah, Kamasah, Atoi, Koo Fori, Eghan Man, Mystic, Jackie, Efie Nyansah, Panther, Adjah Man, Napuchi, Pele Pele, Ayeyi, Mr Sam, Okonkwo and the host of teachers, they have come.

    To Bushke, Eghan Woman, Okonkwo Woman, Adisadel Village, B Tee, Hacienda and Oasis beach, they have come; to say thank you for making their stay at Cape Coast enjoyable.

    To Ziina, Esi B Tee, Mabel, Lucy, Modda, Efutu girls, Aggrey girls, National girls, Sammo girls; Nistorcha, Lil Prick then Bakpage dems com dey salute you waaa; they have come to say “yedamoase” for making them feel at home, yet at school (if you know … you know).

    To Syte, Holi, Abugiss, Merries, they have come to say thank you. Thank you for been able to make them “overnight gentlemen”; you made their multi-coloured white shirts, glitter in crystal clear white, for they needed to blink for tripping (if you know … you know).


    To Oguaa they have come to bow in appreciation for hosting them well; in love by the sea, you made them great men worth their salt today.

    Standing proud, with heads up and chests out, as men with their race and ready to take on even higher grounds, Santa 2008 have come home to Adisadel College, the alma mater of great men.

    They came not empty-handed, but with lots of knowledge, wisdom and entertainment to share from way back into time, ten years ago.

    Today, when names like Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, Dr Sam Jonah, Dr Thomas Mensah and the thousands and thousands of great Santaclusians both home and abroad are called, there would be over 400 more to emerge from Santa 08, as they join the table of great men.

    Home is where the heart is; Adisadel our home, our pride.

    We shall never be beaten; we shall always bear the palm.

    Hail Adisco

    Hail Adisco

    Hail Adisco


    Roll call (as captured in pics)

    Kwadwo Kwansah Aidoo – President

    Kojo Hutton-Mensah – Vice President

    Robert Armstrong – Financial Secretary

    Shocker – General Secretary

    Francis Hammond – PRO

    Nana Kwesi Coomson – Media Relations

    James Amissah Brew – EC

    Bak Page




    Ebube Rex

    Vela Mafia

    Faya Maame










    Sam Jonah






    Yakubu Salaam

    Ato Duker



    Stone B









    By: Questo, Aglionby House. 05-09